Wills, Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardian

Will preparation Wollongong

Power of Attorney authorises another person to make financial and legal decisions on behalf. It may be that you are overseas and unable to sign certain documents while you are away. Other people complete an Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint someone to make decisions if they lose the ability to manage their affairs. An Enduring Guardian can be appointed to make decisions about lifestyle, health, dental and medical issues if you cannot make these decisions yourself. Your Will outlines how you would like your estate distributed upon your death.

We recommend that clients have all three documents prepared regardless of their age. Unexpected things happen in life. If you are injured or become too ill to manage your own affairs, a properly prepared Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian can assist your loved ones when decisions need to be made and documents need to be signed. When you pass away if you have a Will in place, your estate will be distributed how you intended. If you don’t have a Will, intestacy laws may result in your estate being distributed contrary to your wishes.

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